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Lock In Your Rent Until 2023

If you’re starting your degree at Curtin University in 2021, you can lock in your on-campus student accommodation for the next two or three years. You’ll avoid any future rent increases, and you guarantee your spot on campus for the rest of your degree! 

Plus if you choose to live at Erica Underwood House or Vickery House and you’re eligible, you may receive a further discount for the 2021 academic year only. 

Get in quick as places are limited. See below for terms and conditions.*

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*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer is valid for bookings when the deposit is paid by 11:59pm on 24/01/2021.
  2. This offer cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  3. This offer is valid at UniLodge at Curtin University and is not available at any other UniLodge property in Australia or New Zealand.
  4. A 3-year agreement is for the periods: 25/01/21 – 27/12/21, 17/1/22 – 19/12/22, and 16/1/23 – 18/12/23.
  5. A 2-year agreement is for the periods: 25/01/21 – 27/12/21, and 17/1/22 – 19/12/22.
  6. You can extend any of these periods to remain in your room over the break and will be charged the same rate that you have been paying throughout the year; unless you have a discount for the 2021 academic year, then your summer stay would return to the full non-discounted rate. For example, at the end of 2021, you could extend that period until 17/1/2022 to stay over the summer.
  7. The agreement will terminate at the end of the final year period stated and cannot be extended beyond this date. Any renewal applications for 2023 or 2024 respectively will be offered at the rate that is current at the time.
  8. All two or three 48 week terms must be utilized consecutively.
  9. You may move rooms, subject to availability, and retain the 2021 rate for your new room type for the remainder of your 2-year or 3-year agreement, if you move to a room within the same group. The groups are as follows:

10. If you move to a room in a different group, you will be placed on the rate that is current at the time you move and will not retain the rate enjoyed on commencement of your 2-year or 3-year agreement. However, your new rate will then be valid and applicable for the rest of your 2-year or 3-year agreement if you remain in that room type. For example, if you move from an Erica Underwood House 6 Bedroom Apartment to a Kurrajong Village Don Watts House Studio Double in 2022, you will be placed on whatever the rate for KV DWH Studio Double is in 2022, but you will then stay on that rate for 2022 and 2023 provided you stay in this room type.

11. All room moves will need to pay a room move fee and a departure fee.

12. To secure your booking, you will be required to pay your application fee, activity fee, facility fee, and departure fee booking for 2021. Fees related to your 2022 and/or 2023 booking will be due before the commencement of these term sessions. The value of these fees will be locked to 2021 rates in line with this offer.