First year student accommodation offer and guarantee
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Enjoy all the benefits of on-campus student accommodation at JCU Cairns

UniLodge John Grey Hall is the on-campus student accommodation that provides the support, security and comfortable living environment, so that you can focus on your studies. 

James Cook University (JCU) research shows that students who moved away from home to attend uni and lived in student housing in their first year, are more successful in their studies than students who lived in share houses. The main reasons are the support, structure and location that the student housing provided.

James Cook University is offering a variety of scholarships for Semester 1 and Semester 2 intake for residents who need to relocate to study at JCU Cairns. This scholarship is designed to support students overcoming financial hardship, drought, disability or other circumstances which would significantly impact their capacity to fully engage in tertiary studies. This scholarship is fully funded by JCU, if you are eligible and interested in applying then click here!

If you’re a first-time student to James Cook University (JCU) Cairns – you’re guaranteed a room to live at UniLodge John Grey Hall.

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